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Friday, October 8, 2010

“Ward, I’m very worried about the Beaver.”

I apologize for the wordless, pictureless, titleless, Thursday.  The day just got away from me, and to be honest, it didn’t even cross my mind until I got a harassing e-mail from my sister about it.  Hi Jenn.  I did technically did have two posts on Wednesday, though, so that should count for something. 

Anyway, after finishing my first apron, I stumbled upon Anthropologie’s website.  I often forget about Anthropologie because it’s almost too painful to look at.  I love EVERYTHING about this store.  If I designed my own line of clothes or home furnishings, I’d have some major problems because everything would end up looking exactly like their stuff.  I take it back.  I love everything but the prices.  At $78 for a t-shirt, I don’t love the prices.  I can hear myself now, “Sorry, Elin, you don’t get any diapers this month because Mommy REALLY needed this $148 sweater.”  I actually haven’t really even purchased much from the store for that reason alone, but I love to look and fantasize about winning the lottery so I can buy the store out.  Ahhhh…one day. 

So back to aprons.  Anthropologie has aprons – really cute ones.  Once I saw these I couldn’t help but make another one.  This one will be my hostess apron.  Or I can vacuum ‘June Cleaver style’ in my heels and pearls with it.  You know, just like I do every day.  


Ali said...

Okay this has to be my favorite post yet!!! I agree with you totally and love the pics, keep up the great work.

Jennifer said...

That's it! I want to be a sexy housewife for Halloween! Hop on it! Will you make me one?? Make it really sexy old school!

kgraham304 said...

I love this apron! And I love that store except the prices. Too cute!

jahancock said...

Priceless! Your apron and blog! Absolutely priceless!

Elizabeth Hilgedick said...

And I remember the Stacy who made fun of me when I said I hoped to one day be able to vaccuum my house while wearing my pearls! Way to go June!

Miss you tons.

(Guilty - even with the high prices, I still love shopping at Anthropologie)

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